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Hi! I'm Nadine and you just stumbled upon my art blog!

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instagram dump II, gekkan shoujo edition~

instagram dump I

first page of my self made watercolour sketchbook ( ^∇^)

some music inspired storybeats for my original story

Käpt’n Binks will einen Rum
ich bringe ihm die Flasche drum
und der Wind weht übers Meer
das lieben wir so sehr. [x]

Been rereading and catching up with One Piece recently, my childhood Anime! Back then I didn’t reach Brook’s arc, and was now greatly surprised! So have the German Bink’s Sake song!

hello everyone!!

I haven’t been updating lately but I’ve been drawing daily ever since last New Year’s Eve. This here is my “black list of days I haven’t drawn” and to make up for those days, I’ll probably tackle some 30 days art challenges or polish up some of those sketches.

Last but not least, I’d highly recommend you guys to daily draw! I can’t remember a day when I felt artblocked and my hand never got rusty. I would never have thought myself what a big difference it would make! So go on everyone! Even if it’s just a small doodle, pick up a pen and draw! :D

And now, where are my harddrive and tablet ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

sparks were dancing through her veins,
flames blazing through her mind.
fire controlled her body,
and burned her up inside.

thing I did for Johanna that I can finally share, happy very belated

Venus Power!!

saw grand budapest and did some quick studies of Tony Revolori because his profile does the thing that I like

some marinas